Monday, February 26, 2018

One Month Post Surgery

Today has been one month since Alex's surgery!!! It is such a great milestone to reach through this journey. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, this whole process has gone so much better than I ever imagined. Alex has been so strong, so resilient. I know he is bored and he would love to get down on the floor and roll around or crawl. He would also love to sleep on his side curled up in a ball which is probably the reason for his early morning wake ups.

I can't imagine how uncomfortable sleeping must be for him as well as sitting all day long. He switches from the wheelchair during meals and shortly after to the couch where it is a little more comfortable. Sometimes I will also lay him on his back on the floor or up in his bed just to stretch out.

This past weekend we removed his wedge and braces during the day. He began using his own wheelchair again and is just trying to adjust his body back to it's regular state. His muscles are weak and are going to need to build back up to where they used to be. He is adjusting well.

This morning I dropped him off at school. So many people were excited to see him. Alex however, looked a little lost. I know today is going to be a bit tough for him adjusting back to routine. The stimulation alone is going to tire him out. He made a frowny face and almost made me cry. This is just as hard on me as it is on him. We have been together for the past 30 days. Having to let him go back and trust those who care for him and teach him throughout the day is tough, but he has a great team and I know they will be careful.

His classmates were super excited when he came into the room. I know they all wanted to jump up and hug him, but I had asked them not to just so Alex wouldn't be overwhelmed. I could tell that was really hard for a few of them. They care for him so much and were all so worried when he had his surgery. I know what it means to them to have him back. They are all so sweet.

We have made it through Phase 1 - Recovery at home. Phase 2 began today which is transitioning back to school and Phase 3 will begin in 2 weeks when he returns to Physical Therapy. I am excited to see where Physical Therapy will take Alex. I am looking forward to seeing how and what his legs will be like once he gains some of his muscle tone back. Eventually he will return to Horseback Riding as well.

I am so proud of his strength and courage throughout this whole process. I am hoping he has a good first week back to school. Will post another update soon...

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