Monday, August 19, 2019

July Adventures

July is always a busy month for us. There are 4th of July activities with multiple firework shows, the 4H fair, Alex and Evan's birthday and usually a small trip. This year was no different. Here is our month of Adventure in photos!

July 3/4 - Brandon Fireworks and Clarkston Parade

July 9th - Zoo Day
Riding The Train

Alex was so excited

July 11th - 4H Fair, Disabilty Awareness Day

Each year, our County Fair has a day for people with Disabilities to come out and enjoy the carnival rides for 2 hours for free. This year we invited our Twin friends Blake and Casey. As always we had a blast. Also, Blake and Evan rode a Camel! LOL

Evan and I rode the Pirate Ship! His first time!

Blake and Evan rode a Camel!

July 13th - Family Birthday Party

We kept it low key this year for Alex and Evan's 9th Birthday and just had the immediate family over to celebrate. It was hot and the pool was a hit!


Grandpa Swinging next to Alex

July 16th - Happy 9th Birthday Alex and Evan

I know I say this every year but I can't help it - I cannot believe the boys are NINE. Last year of their single digits. They are growing up way to fast. The weather wasn't the best on their day, so we opted to go bowling for a bit and took them to one of their favorite restaurants - Sagano - for dinner. Eric took a half day and surprised them at lunchtime by coming home. They were able to open their gifts earlier than usual which they loved!

Brody had to get in on the pics

It was rainy, so we went Bowling

Sagano for dinner

July 17th - 19th - Grand Haven/Muskegon with Friends

The next day we packed up the van and headed to Grand Haven to stay in a cabin for a couple of days. We went swimming, had ice cream, went to the beach and witnessed some crazy waves on Lake Michigan. It was a fun, quick get away.

It was super HOT

Goofs at the Pool

Grand Haven at Sunset

Submarine Museum in Muskegon

Playground at the Beach

Lake Michigan

Campfire Time

Waves were HUGE

Friends who are Family

Roasting Hot Dogs - Then Marshmallows!

July 26th - Alex goes Waterskiing!

With the help of Michigan Adaptive Sports, Alex went waterskiing for the first time! What an amazing experience for him and all who participated. He had so much fun. He didn't realize exactly what was going on until he took off. He was so happy to be on a boat and once he got situated, the boat began to excellerate and off he went. It was so amazing to watch! The smile never left his face!

Pure JOY
Getting ready to take off - he has no idea what is about to happen!

And he's off!

Evan got to jump off and swim to my boat

Casey went waterskiing too! Then we all went to the beach!

Beach Bums

Alex was happy to just be on the boat

Supportive Brother

His face never changed. He smiled from ear to ear the whole time