Sunday, November 5, 2017

October Adventures

October is always a fun month for us as a family. There are always lots of fun fall activites that we like to partake in. This year seemed different. It may have been the unseasonably warm weather early on in the month, but here's what we managed to squeeze in!

October 8 - EuroPeds Family Fun Day

We attended the EuroPeds Family Fun day at Oakland Yard in Waterford like we always do. They have music, food, prizes, games and lots of fun for the kids. I only managed to get these pics! Guess we were having too much fun??? Evan found a bunch of kids to play soccer with and Alex would roll the utility ball to Eric and he would kick it real hard into the net and Alex thought that was the funniest thing!

October 8 - Painted Pumpkins

After the EuroPeds Event, we came home and painted pumpkins!

October 12 - Candid Shots

October 13 - Eric and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary.

October 14 - Flint Farmers Market with Friends
We were supposed to go to the Fantasy Forest in Lapeer, but it poured rain that day so we let the kids dress up and did a smaller halloween event at the Flint Farmers Market. They got to see eachother and that's all that mattered!

October 22 - Pumpkin Picking and Trunk or Treat

October 26 - Dinner and Playtime at the Mall

We finally got to see Rachel, Lauren and Nathan after about 6 weeks! The kids had a good time playing at the mall together for a couple of hours!!

October 29 - Pumpkin Carving

For the first time since we started carving pumpkins with the boys, Alex was really into it this year! I was so happy to see him reach in and pull the slimy seeds out and put them in the bowl. He kept touching and looking at his pumpkin! It was awesome! Evan designed his Jack o Lantern's face ahead of time and did a great job cleaning his pumpkin out! We had a great time!

October 31 - School Party and Trick or Treating!

The boys only had a half day of school on Halloween, so their parade and party were in the morning. I didn't get many pictures of the parade because it was held indoors due to the cold temps and snow! The party was a lot of fun! Sapphire and Kingston came over to trick or treat with Alex and Evan and they LOVED it! They all had a great time and got a ton of candy!!

The Snow was coming down Halloween Morning

Alex digging for stickers in rice
Ring Toss Game

Evan pinning the nose on the pumpkin.

Abigayle and Alex showing off their witches

Abigayle pushing Alex in the Parade
Eating Donuts!

Drinking Cider!

My Swat Guy and Fire Fighter!

Group Selfie!


The Squad
Toad and Fire Fighter!
Swat Team!

Alex, Evan, Kingston (Shark) and Sapphire (Wolf) before trick or treating
It was a fun and busy month - full of lots of adventures! Thanks for checking it out!