Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Update


Alex is doing really well and is coming right along with his therapy. Still no Gait Trainer, it has been almost 5 months since we ordered it and we continue to have set back after set back. I am trying to stay optimistic, but it’s hard because I am so frustrated with the whole process.

He got fitted last week with some new shoes as I like to call them. They are AFO’S which are a type of Orthodic to help the position of his feet and toes as well as keep his foot flat while learning to walk. The pair he has now, were to stabilize his ankles, but the new pair will be taller and go up onto his calves more. They should be in soon so we will have to see how well he does with them.

Last Friday he received Lidocaine Injections in his legs per recommendation of his Physiatrist. The shots are administered behind the knee while lying on his stomach. The purpose of the injection is to block his nerves going to his calf muscles to keep them from tightening. So far, it is working well. I am amazed at how squishy his calves are – but in a good way. I am so used to them being tight that it’s a nice change and he seems to be adjusting well. We really aren’t sure how long the effect will last but we are happy with the results so far. He is a trooper. He did so well the day he got the shots.

On top of all of that, he got casted as well – poor little guy! His OT decided last week to cast his left arm in hopes of him utilizing his right arm more. That is the whole purpose of his OT sessions. He doesn’t seem to mind the cast. He still bangs on his toys with his left hand - cast and all. He also thinks he can hold his cup and pick up foods with it! It is super cute. He is doing alright with his right hand, but it’s going to take a lot of casting to break him away from his left hand. He favors it so much!

Next Tuesday Alex will be going to “school”. He will be attending class for an hour and a half on Tuesday mornings as part of the Early On program through the state. He will be in class with 6 other children with special needs and they will participate in circle time where they will read and story and sing songs. Then they will move onto different stations where he will be able to play. He will see an OT and an SLP while his is there as well. I think it will be a great change for him rather than them coming to the house. Evan is also welcome as a sibling to come and participate which I am sure he will.
Alex has enjoyed his summer by swinging, playing in the sandbox and listening to his favorite songs. (He LOVES music!). He also likes when we blow bubbles out on the deck!

"Best Summer Ever” is how Evan would have to describe his summer so far. This kid has had a blast with everything this summer from his new sandbox, to his swing set, to the pool. His new thing is going down the slides at the park. He can’t get enough of it!
He has learned to use a fork and a spoon very well in the last couple of months and actually throws a fit if I try to feed him. He likes to do it himself and I have to say, he does a pretty darn good job.
He is into EVERYTHING – and I mean EVERYTHING! I used to have him barricaded in the family room and he decided he would start scaling the couch to get out. He is a little stinker!
Evan is all boy. He loves to get dirty, always has bumps and scrapes on him and he is non-stop from the time he gets up until he goes to bed. He is exhausting but fun all at the same time. I could do without the yelling, screaming and tantrums though.
His favorite toys right now are puzzles, wooden blocks and crayons. He could care less about the colorful, flashy toys that make all the noise. He’s a pretty simple kid as long as he gets his way!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Georgia Family Visit

Last week a bunch of my husband’s family came into town from Georgia for a family reunion and we got to host some of them. It was a lot of work, but so much fun. We had about 7 people staying with us for 5 days with most of them being kids. It was a lot of fun and Alex and Evan enjoyed themselves.
The first two days it rained which was a bummer, but we made the best of the time we had together. My Niece Mindy has 3 little ones who are 4, 16 months and 5 months and with my two 2 year olds, there weren’t many quiet moments in the house. This is the best we could do at getting them all together for a picture.
Bailey, Ethan, Alex, Evan and Madison
 It rained the morning of the reunion as well, but cleared up just after lunch so the kids could play outside. The adults got to go to dinner that night and we went swimming the following day at the local campground.
Kid Free Dinner!
We also did some shopping at the mall and took a trip up to the Largest Christmas Store – Bronners. It was my Niece Mindy’s first trip to Michigan so we had to take her there as well as A&W for lunch.
One of their last nights, we had everyone (17 people) all over to our place for Taco night.
The morning they left, they were gone long before the sun came up and my house was super quiet that morning. I missed them already. My niece Jessica decided to stay behind for a couple of more weeks, so she is staying with us and I am loving the help. I think she is also enjoying herself. She has her own room, unlimited computer time and cable tv. Those things mean a lot when you have 7 siblings!
I just want to say that having them in my house for 5 days makes me miss them so much more now. I have always been close to my husband’s sister and her family. They moved to Georgia three and a half years ago just three weeks before we bought our house – which was only about 5 miles away from theirs. I was really bummed, but having kids of my own now and with them being so close in age to my Niece and Nephews kids, makes me want to live closer to them. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of us plan on moving anytime soon. L We are hoping to get down there before the year is over for a visit.
Here are some more pics of their visit:
The two trouble makers!

Robbie and Ethan

Sister in Law Tappatha, Myself and My Niece Mindy
These 2 were inseperable

AnnaMarie, Madison, Bailey and Brook at the mall
Matthew, Matt, Eric and John

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Columbus Zoo

I apologize for being so far behind in posting to the blog. Summer is such a busy time that I haven't had a moment to sit down and record everything that we have been doing!!

We took a day trip to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio on Sunday July 29, 2012. I wanted to go because they offered an Aquarium and I thought that might be fun for the boys. Needless to say, the Aquarium was a bit of disappointment but they liked what they did get to see. Nothing compares to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago or The Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach - both of which we will take the boys to in the future.

It was a beautiful day (a tad warm) but we had a really nice time. Evan walked most of the zoo which was very impressive because we covered a lot of ground, but he was done in the end and wanted to ride in the stroller. Here are some pictures of our adventure.