Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Day at The Zoo

We finally made it to the Zoo as a family this summer. The Detroit Zoo has had an additional attraction called Dinosauria that is ending September 7th and I have been wanting to take Alex and Evan to see it. Yesterday was the day and we all had such a good time! The Dinosaurs are animated and make all kinds of sounds. Alex really enjoyed the noises and Evan wanted to rush though it of course! We went into the Reptile house for the first time in a long time (partly because I hate snakes) but with Eric there he can take Evan around to all of the aquariums. Well, between the crocodiles, turtles and lizards Evan was going crazy. His voice was so high everytime he saw something! It was cute. Here are some pictures of our adventure!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer Memories

Our Summer is nearing the end and I have to say that I am not really looking forward to it ending. This has been a really great summer. We have done so much for so little money. We only took one long weekend trip to the other side of the state and we camped for a couple of weekends up north. Everything else has been local, from beaches, to spray parks, to the zoo, an air show, bowling and spending time with friends. We have been on the go, making memories and enjoying every second.

This past weekend we had Alex's horse show on Saturday and on Sunday we went to an Air Show/Open house at our local airport. The kids got to see all different types of planes and watch them take off and land. There were bounce houses and a rock climbing wall for the kids - all for free! Alex really enjoyed watching the Helicopter take off and land.

Getting ready to Rock Climb
Lauren is the only one who climbed

Waiting for Helicopters to land

The Detroit Pistons Plane

From there we went to a park nearby for a picnic, time at the playground and to check out some of the animals. They have a cow, pig, some chickens, rabbits, ducks, turkeys and sheep.

August 2015

Here they are last August at the same park

Tuesday felt like fall around here. Cloudy and Chilly so we went with our friends to Halo Burger for lunch and playtime then to the bowling alley nearby for a couple of games. This is a favorite for all of the kids and Alex really gets into it. It really made me happy when Evan, Lauren and Nathan not only helped me get Alex set up to bowl, but they cheered him on.

These 2 - Dancing!
 We have done something with these friends nearly every week of this summer. It has been so much fun and the kids are like cousins they all get along so well. We are all going to miss each other so much when school starts. Love you Raddatz family!!