Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Adventures

These days I am finding it hard to keep up with the blog, but if I can at least recap the month, that will keep me going. So here is the month of May.

Fun with Friends
We had a play date in early May with our Twin Friends Blake and Casey! It was long overdue!!

Alex Loses a Tooth

Alex lost his second tooth on May 10th. The next morning I wanted a picture and as you can see Evan jumped in to help show it off! 

Mother's Day - May 14, 2017

I had a nice Mother's Day. The weather was beautiful, so we were able to spend some time outside, had a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse and met up with My Bestie Rachel, Lauren and Nathan for Ice Cream to end the day!

Eddie Money Concert - May 26, 2017

Eric and I went and saw Eddie Money for the 10th time (not really, but we have seen him a lot) First concert of the season for us. We will be seeing One Republic in July - I cannot wait for that one!!

The Detroit Zoo - May 27, 2017

Saturday we visited the Detroit Zoo for the first time this season. It was a beautiful day and we were able to see a lot of the animals. The boys favorite part of the day was the train ride. As you can see by the pictures, they really enjoyed themselves.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our May Adventures, 
June is going to be busy and fun! Can't wait to post about it!!
Eric, Keri Alex and Evan