Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Fun Filled Weekend (In Pictures)

Carnival Rides at Creekfest

Evan Trying to Rock Climb.
The Boys Riding The Train Together

Play Date With Friends

Play Date with Jake and Mady

Ortonville Fireworks

Eric and The Boys
Alex and Eric with Sparklers
Waiting for Fireworks to start
Me and Evan
My Sweet Evan
Sparkler Time

Fathers Day

Me and My Dad
The Boys with Grandpa

I really love this picture. Brody had to get in on it too!

Grandpa giving some pushes on the swings
Brody and his Duck Buddy
Me and Brod

My favorite pic from the weekend!! LOL

 Feeling Blessed.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello Summer!

When you live in Michigan, you tend to look forward to Summertime a little more than most people. The winters here can be long and cold, and once the thaw here begins and the trees and grass turn green, you know summer is near.

We always try to plan a bunch of fun stuff to keep us busy and to get out and enjoy the weather. This summer is no exception and I am so excited for all of the fun stuff we have planned!

There will be weekly play dates with our friends, whether that be going to the beach, to the zoo or just down the road for some good ole' ice cream. But outside of the smaller things, we have a few bigger things planned.

First up we are going with some friends to Michigan's Adventure, an Amusement/Water Park at the end of the month. It is on the west side of the state, so we are doing a long weekend so we can visit some beaches on Lake Michigan as well. There's a lot of fun stuff to do over there, so I am sure we will have plenty to keep busy. Initially, we just planned for it to be just the four of us, but trips are always more fun with friends! So we invited our friends along for the fun....and as an added bonus, they are from the area so they know where all the fun spots are!

When we get home from that trip, we have plans to go up north and camp. My in-laws have a nice camper and a membership to a Campground Resort, so we will be up there for a week or so. I have a feeling my two water boys will be enjoying the pool non-stop!

The week after we get home from camping the boys will celebrate their 5th birthday with a big party with family and friends. They are already looking forward to that. 

Later in the summer we are hoping to head down to Georgia to see our extended family. Last year the boys and I spent two and a half weeks down there and it was so much fun. I am already missing it this summer. My niece is always posting pictures of them at the river and I am finding myself becoming a bit jealous. :) Guess we will be road tripping it!!!

We have already been to the beach a couple of times and had a play date with my nephew Laken today. Welcome to Summer!!!

Alex Chillin' in the Water

Heather, Rachel and I.

Beach Boy

Buddies Evan and Nate

The Crew: Evan, Lauren, Elise, Alex, Dylan and Nathan

Laken and Evan with the Bubble Machine
Two Crazies

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Last Day of Pre-K

When I was growing up it felt like an eternity from the time I started school until I graduated. Time seemed so slow. Even summers seemed longer. As I got older, moved out on my own and even got married, time sped up a bit but it wasn't anything that I talked about as much as I do now. Since I have had children, time is just speeding by. Some days I feel like I can't keep up.

In the past couple of weeks I have been flipping through the photo books I have made over the past 5 years and seeing Alex and Evan as babies makes me miss them during that time. For me, sometimes I feel like I didn't get enough bonding time with them when they were infants because there were two of them. I was so busy to truly enjoy each and every moment. Some days I felt like I just needed to do things to get by, to get through the day. I tried my hardest to take time with each of them whenever I could, but I also tried hard to keep them on the same schedule to keep my sanity. Once they got to a certain age (and weight) it was hard to hold and cuddle them both at the same time.

I love looking back and seeing their cute little chubby baby faces. I now, have two very handsome little men who are now both Kindergartners.

Last Thursday was their last day of Pre-K. They gathered to sing a few songs, then we got to enjoy lunch together and some play time on the playground. We even got some pictures with their friends and teachers. They both grew so much this year and I am so proud of both of them. They had some great teachers who helped them along the way. It is hard to leave and move on when we all have grown so attached. Here are some memories of the day.

Alex and Sapphire

Alex and his friends

Evan and Emily

Most of the Class

Alex and Samantha

Maddison and Alex

Evan and Emily

The boys with their teacher, Mrs. Schorr. (I love Alex's hand on her belly)

With Ms. Kennedy and Mrs. Schorr

Evan and his Best Buddy Bradan

On the Spinner

Proud Parents