Friday, May 25, 2018

Field Trips

Alex and Evan's class visited The Longway Planetarium on April 30th and Wojos Greenhouse on May 1st. We made ice cream (and got to eat it!), we made slime (we opted not to eat it - haha) and also cement on our trip to the planetarium. Because it was only their class that went, I was able to ride the bus with them too!

Mixing the Ice Cream

Eating the Ice Cream

Making Slime

It went right into his mouth after this!
Evan blowing a bubble with his slime

Making Cement - Alex was DONE at this point. LOL

Bus Ride!

Wojo's Greenhouse is across the street from their school and we did a full greenhouse tour. I love this fieldtrip! Evan went when he was in preschool and they show you the ins and outs of the greenhouse, how they plant, how they water etc. At the end, the boys each planted a flower.

The girls took turns pushing Alex

So Happy I am able to be a part of these fieldtrips!

Spring Spectacular

Evan started taking Gymnastic classes in January at his request. He goes once a week and seems to like it. Last night, the Gym had what is called a Spring Spectacular show where the kids get to show off to their parents what they have learned since they started.

The boys classes are small, but their workout area is also located in the back corner of the gym. It's an area as a parent that we don't really get to see when we are there because we have to sit in the waiting area up front.

So, being able to see all of the neat things he has been working on was such a wonderful experience. Eric and I are SO proud of him!! He is already so strong and I loved seeing all of the things he can do!!

They first started on the trampoline and did some tumbling.

Next, they moved to the corner with the bars and rings.

He was only supposed to do 2 pushups but ended up doing 10!

So Strong!!

 They did a little routine on the floor and then had a handstand competition which Evan stood the longest out of his group!! 

I think these were cartwheels

Evan is third from the left

This blew me away! Look how straight he is!

Finally, they were all awarded a medal for their hard work - which I don't think Evan realized he would be receiving. 
He was so happy!! 

He is so cute staring down at it!

With His Coach, Adam

We are so very proud of all of his hard work and we look forward to more shows in the future!