Friday, February 2, 2018

One Week Post Surgery

Today marks the one week mark of Alex's surgery.

We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am last Friday and surgery was scheduled for 8:00am. At 7:57am, the surgical team came in to wheel Alex back to the OR. I stayed strong for him until they turned his bed to take him out the door. When he could no longer see me, I let the tears flow for a few minutes just to get them out. I needed that release of emotion to be able to wait patiently for the next 2.5 hours.

Notes from Evan to Alex the night before surgery

Watching Mickey

Mommy and Alex watching Mickey

Frankie is into the OR with Alex
These 2....

Almost Time!

Alex and Frankie off to the OR

 At 8:40am, they informed us that surgery had begun and everything was going well. At 10:25am, I went to the desk for an update since it had been almost 2 hours without an update. The said that they were finishing up, all went well according to Dr. Zaltz and he would be out shortly to speak with us. Within 10 minutes he was standing in front of us telling us how pleased he was with the surgery and that they were waiting for Alex to wake up so we could go see him. The surgery itself only took about 2 hours.

Eric and I were brought back to Recovery before Alex was fully awake. That was a little emotional for me. He was crying in his sleep while he was waking up because he was in pain. :( It took a bit, but he finally woke up and he was taken to a room upstairs on the Children's Floor. We somehow lucked out and got a private room which was SO nice.


Friday he was really groggy and out of it for most of the day. He started to eat little by little and was drinking a ton of fluid and came off of his IV that night. Sleeping was a bit rough that night because we were up every 2-3 hours for medication and Satursday he seemed really tired. (It was a combination of the medicine and lack of sleep the night before) Plus he had a few visitors that day as well. Eric stayed with him overnight Saturday night, and even though we were scheduled to leave on Sunday, I didn't think it would be as early as it was. Eric called me around 9 to say the Doctor had given the all clear to go home. We were out of there by noon!

Frankie had surgery too!
Friday Night

Face timing with Evan 

Therapy Dog Murphy stopped by for a visit on Saturday afternoon

What he really looked like
We managed to get a smile

His incision areas were sensitive the first couple of days being home. He has leg braces on both legs and a big foam wedge between his legs. So far we have been able to carry him up and down the stairs that way. He rotates from sitting in the wheelchair they sent him home in, to sitting up stretched out on the couch or the little make shift bed we made for him on the floor to use during the day.

I have been slowly decreasing his pain medicine and havent used the Valium much at all in the past 2 days. I was very anxious leading up to his surgery and recovery not knowing what to expect. So far, he is doing very well and I am pleased with how things have gone this week. The biggest thing is keeping him comfortable and he gets bored easily.

We have been fotunate to have had some visitors to the house this week which has kept us both sane. In addition to visitors, my friend Amanda set us up with Food Tidings and we have had dinners brought to the house this week by our friends and family! It has been amazing not only to see everyone but to feel their love and generosity. I have never been in a position to have to accept help but it has really prevented a lot of stress not having to cook or prepare meals.

Evan was happy to see Alex on Sunday since he couldn't visit at the hospital. They talked via facetime on Friday night and Saturday but it's not the same as being in person.


Evan spent the weekend with his Aunt Tappy. She drove all the way from Georgia just to spend the weekend with him. He didn't have school on Friday, so they spent some time at the mall and went out to lunch, Saturday they went swimming all day at Outdoor Adventures Campground at the indoor pool and hot tub. Sunday they went to Church and visited Tappy's Mother in Law for a bit before he came home to see Alex. I think he enjoyed every minute with his Aunt. I know we all miss her already!

So that is about it for week one. Things are going well, Alex's pain is under control and we are getting by better than I thought. Next Thirsday is his Post Op appointment so I should have a good update to share on Friday. Until then, keep Alex and his recovery in your thoughts and prayers.

At home this week

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