Thursday, June 21, 2018

We are onto 3rd Grade!

Summer is officially here, school is out and second grade is over. We are onto 3rd grade...just like that!

Alex and Evan both had a great year in 2nd Grade. Their Teacher Mrs. Bowers was wonderful! I loved volunteering for her each week. I loved seeing the kids and getting to know them as a group. Some I have known since Kindergarten, some were brand new to the district this year. Each of them treated Alex with respect and many of them helped him as much as they could. There were some that would work with him every day. Alex truly loved working alongside his peers more this year than in years past.

During Math or Reading he would be paired up with his peers to work together instead of always having an adult present to help. He would have a buddy each day that would push him to music or art or to recess. a cool kid. He really is. He improved his reading so much this year and had multiple 100% tests in Math. He would have had more if he would just slow down and take his time according to his teacher. Science, Social Studies, Art, Gym and Music he scored well in also. Writing is the only area he struggled a bit and I told him I would help him with that this summer.

I am very proud of both of the boys and their academics this year.

At their school, there is the Lower El Pod and the Upper El Pod and I can't believe we are moving out of the Lower El Pod in September. That has been home to us for the past 5 years from Preschool until now. It feels like yesterday we were doing Kindergarten Registration!

They had some fun field trips (see previous post) this year and the end of the year party was a hit! Here are some photos of Second Grade!!

We are in for some fun adventures this summer and I am going to do my best to post them here!1

September 5, 2017 - First Day of 2nd Grade

Halloween Party
Halloween Party

Christmas Party
Christmas Party

Field Trip to Longway Planetarium

Making Slime

Making Slime

Planting Flowers at Wojos Greenhouse

Last day of 2nd Grade

Water gun Fight


Buddies Alexa and Alex

Jaxen, Alex and Anthony

With Mrs. Bowers

Alex and Abigayle eating cupcakes

So long, farewell friends..until September