Monday, February 29, 2016

February Fun - In Pictures

I thought it would be neat to post on Leap Day since it only comes once every four years. Here is our February Fun in Pictures.

On February 10, Science Alive visited Alex and Evan's school where they each touched/held a Python. (heebie jeebie for me). Their teacher took these fearless photos of them.

Alex petting a Chinchilla




The only reason I saved those pictures and posted them is because they will go in their scrapbooks - as the only time they ever got to touch a snake! I am sure they will again in the future - it just creeps me out! I am happy for them because I know how exciting it was for them.

We did our annual hotel stay at The Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth on February 11th. The boys had a blast as usual and Evan went down the tower twister slide for the first time. He was finally tall enough! It took a little coaxing but once he did it once, there was no stopping him! We played putt putt, ate pizza, ice cream and played lots of arcade games! I had only wished we had stayed 2 nights instead of only one. It went by way too fast!

Evan's Face! LOL

Evan won the Jackpot on the Pirate Wheel Game - 460 Tickets!

Putt Putt.

He got a hole in 1

Pool Time!

Little Fish

They would have stayed in there all night if they could

Evan tried the Tower Twister slide...he loved it! Can't you tell?

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

For Valentine's Day we went to the Sloan Museum and saw a star show at the Planetarium - where we all dozed off at some point! Then we went out to dinner as a family to Texas Roadhouse - and let me tell you - these boys can eat some steak! It was a really nice dinner - and delicious too!

Alex being treated by Dr. Evan on the Ambulance

Alex liked pushing the shopping cart

Evan in the Kayak

Alex sleeping during the show

Evan sleeping during the show

Valentines Day Dinner

Valentines Day Dinner

Valentines Day Dinner

Valentines Day Dinner

Finally, we got a big snow storm last week and the boys had their first two snow days on Thursday and Friday. Then yesterday we had a 60 degree day and the boys (actually Eric) made their first snowman. The 10 inches of snow was nearly gone! Crazy Michigan Weather. I am sure that won't be the last of the snow!

Enjoying a Snow Day
Goofy Boy

Big Snow!

Lots of snow!

Extra Marshmallows
Hot Cocoa after playing outside

60 Degrees out - perfect snowman building weather!
First Snowman

So cute

Happy Leap Day! Only 20 days until Spring!

Monday, February 1, 2016

January Fun - In Pictures

January in Michigan isn't all that fun if you aren't a huge fan of the cold and snow. Surprisingly, we haven't had much snow this winter and we had one cold stretch earlier in the month. It is always good to find fun things to do indoors to keep the kids and adults sane...

We attended The Shrine Circus when it was in town on January 16th.

Grandma came with us

And bought the boys' light up toys

Alex rode a Pony
The boys with Grandpa - who is a Shriner
Alex loved the popcorn!
Mommy and Evan

Mommy and Alex selfie

Group Shot

We also went to the Michigan Science Museum on January 24th! The kids had a blast trying out new things, watching an engineering presentation and an experiment on Liquid Nitrogen!

I loved how Alex could reach
He loved it too!

Oh the bridge!
The boys checking things out

The big wheel that makes tunnels!
Bottle Rocket Launcher
The Boys

Evan the Scientist

Alex launching a Rocket into space

Disc Spinning

I wanted one more...

...Alex didn't think so!

Rachel and I

A group favorite

We built the arch!

Finally, we went to the Planetarium last weekend to view a special movie on Sea Monsters! They all loved the show but the only pic I got of them was watching the pennies go round and round in circles!

February will be full of fun stuff as well. We have a bowling night planned, a night at The Bavarian Inn Hotel and I am sure much more!!