Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Friday - Sleeping Beauties

I have gotten quite the shots of these two sleeping lately. They are so cute when they are asleep!!

I brought Evan in from the car like this
Alex fell asleep on me like this

Everything got really quiet one afternoon, now I know why

This one was from Tue. Long day at school
I found them like this the other night

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunday at the Mall

Many of you already read my post on Facebook about taking the kids out last Sunday and what an embarrassment they were. I will provide some details here for those of you who are wondering what happened.

I decided to take the kids up to the mall just to get out of the house on Sunday for a bit and to walk around and get some exercise. I always go into things thinking they will be okay and rarely they ever are. Almost every time we go out whether it be me alone with the kids or as a family unit, "shit always hits the fan".

My BIGGEST problem with parenting Evan right now is his inability to listen to ANYTHING I say. It's as if I am talking to a wall. He ignores me completely which just makes me even more angry. If it isn't that, then I have to repeat myself over and over and over again. Also, resulting in me getting mad which leads to me yelling which I do not like to do. With Alex, he cannot communicate verbally with me outside of yelling and being loud when he gets mad or hungry or needs something.

After this past Sunday and what went down at the mall (which I will get to in a minute) I decided that it was time for me to take a step back and look at myself and see what I am doing wrong. A three year old surely isn't going to change over night which meant that it was time for me (as his parent) to step up.

We got to the mall just before lunch. I figured we had enough time to walk half way through, stop grab some lunch and then move on. We have a certain routine we follow when we go there. It is usually all of the places that Evan needs to go and see. As we got into the mall, he started walking too far ahead of me and Alex (who is in his stroller), so I asked him on more than one occasion to come back and walk next to the stroller and directly in front of me. Now, mind you, the mall wasn't horribly busy yet but there were enough people that I wanted him to be close by. Another thing he will do is not pay attention and run into people which was another reason I wanted him next to me. Our first stop was going to be the Disney Store. He knows we go in the store every time without fail, but he had to still ask 15 times. We get in there, do our thing and move on. Coming up to the food court, we usually pass by, go around to Rain Forest Cafe and then back. Alex was not happy with this decision because apparently he had been bitten by the hungry monster. I got him settled down, but not before Evan threw a fit for having to leave Rain Forest Cafe. I get to the food court and pick a line to get them food where Alex decides he no longer wants to be patient and screams his head off the whole time we are in line. I get to the table and get settled but I can tell Evan isn't focused. He wants to go play by the toys and the play area which I am not ready to do because Alex was still eating. Evan continued to push my buttons on the issue and I finally lost it when he disappeared on me. I was wiping Alex down and gathering the trash when Evan vanished. It was busy so I panicked. I did a quick scan of the area and then called his name. He came out from behind the trash can where I couldn't see him. That was it, I was DONE. I told him we were leaving and I wasn't going to do this on my own. That's when the tantrum began. It lasted all the way back to the place where we came in which is half way around the mall. I stopped three times to try and get him to calm down before taking his hand and pulling him along just to get out of there. Everyone was looking and turning their heads at this point and all I could do is look straight ahead and walk as fast as I could.

I have never in my life been more humiliated and embarrassed. I know it happens to all of us - or maybe not, but I hope it NEVER happens to me again. I felt alone without any control. I came home really upset, but I did take some time to go online and get some tips on what I am doing wrong. We enjoy going out and doing things but I want to be able to do those things now and not have to wait for the kids to get older to listen and what not. I am not sure I will look back at this experience in 5 years and laugh because even now I am not happy it happened, but just as everything in life it was an experience nonetheless.

Not all parenting comes naturally....let me tell you and everyday brings a new challenge. Sometimes I wonder as I am going through this roller coaster - if other people go through it as well. Then, I see the responses I get from my post on Facebook and I see that I am not the only one. So, for all of you out there with toddlers or infants, I guess we are all in the same boat, it happens to the best of us and IT IS going to get better. We just have to stay strong and believe it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Potty Training

I always knew I wanted to be a Mom, I never knew how much work it was going to be and what a huge learning experience it would be. You take the good with the bad and you never know what a day is going to bring you. Some days are so incredibly exhausting for me that I can't even think by the end of the day; other days are a breeze. I have more exhausting days than I do easy ones.

Another thing that I have learned as a Mom is that there are so many things that you go through that you don't even think about when you are dreaming of becoming a Mom. I have had many challenges raising my two boys, but the one that has presented itself most recently has been Potty Training. No one tells you how hard it can be...especially for a first time Mom.

I seriously never thought I would get Evan potty trained. I felt like every other kid around was potty trained and my 3 1/2 year old was the only one still in diapers. I thought for sure he would be going to kindergarten in diapers! His teachers would put him on the potty at school....nothing. I tried a couple of times with no success and there were times when he wouldn't even let me put underwear on him. It was frustrating but I went with it because I didn't want to discourage him or make him feel afraid of doing it. I had people on me for him not being potty trained and others who said not to would happen. It was the nagging pressure of those who I felt looked down on me for not having him potty trained that would get to me. But I ignored them even though I wanted to tell them to keep their negative opinions to themselves and let me train my kid when I felt he is ready.

I do feel like had a couple of negatives going against me. One, is the fact that we are never home. I am always running to appointments during the week and then school in the afternoons. Weekends are a lot of the same. Second, is the twin factor. Alex is no where near ready for potty training and Evan always wanted a diaper because Alex was wearing one. I would suggest underwear and he would refuse and grab a diaper because Alex had one. That was a huge hurdle I wasn't sure we would ever get over.

Then, the morning of March 12, 2014 came. It was a snow day for the kids and because it was going to be snowing and blowing all day, I knew we wouldn't be going anywhere so I decided to put a pair of underwear on Evan that morning and give it a shot. (That was always one of my setbacks - we are never home all day. We always have appointments or school) Surprisingly, he didn't resist the underwear. I told him his teacher Ms. Pam asked me to give this a try. (He loves Ms. Pam) He didn't do anything all morning, had a small accident before lunch and then after lunch he finally went. I was so excited!!! I was jumping up and down, hooting and hollering and making a really big deal out of it. He was really excited too!

That one day is all it took for Evan. He was excited to go, we went out and bought new underwear and celebrated every time he went. Thursday he went to school and I wasn't sure how it would go, but he didn't have any accidents and his teachers were really happy for him.

Last weekend we were gone all day Sunday and he did really well in public. He hasn't had but 1 or 2 small accidents and I couldn't be happier. I am so proud of him and so happy to FINALLY have him potty trained....and it was on his time.

I am glad I never pressured him or made him feel bad for not being potty trained. I am glad I ignored the negative opinions from others because in the end, it worked in our favor. So it took a little longer than some, but he is doing awesome and he is proud and happy just like we are!

Good Job Evan!! We are so proud of you!!!

Intently coloring

Safety goggles on!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Photo Friday

Happy Friday Everyone. Sure hoping spring is around the corner because we need to get out of this house and outside!!!!

My Happy Boy


Evan counting with his numbers

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hotel Get-A-Way

Earlier this week we took the boys up north to a Hotel for a couple of nights just to escape winter and have a little fun. There is a little town north of where we live called Frankenmuth and The Bavarian Inn is where we stayed. They have 4 swimming pools, 3 hot tubs, a couple of water slides, an arcade, mini golf, restaurants etc.

The boys LOVED it. They had so much fun in the pools and hot tubs. Evan took a liking to Ski Ball and he even played a game of Air Hockey with me. It was a nice little get away from the cold and snow that seems never ending here in Michigan. We might be planning a Florida trip next year at this time just to escape it! Hopefully spring is around the corner....fingers crossed!!

Eric taking Alex through the waterfall
The boys enjoying the pool

Ready for some sleep!!

My Air Hockey Opponent

Mr. Ski Ball
He really liked this game

Alex looking sharp in his new stroller
Riding the sports car!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"You have two babies"

March 1st will always be an unforgettable day for me. It was the day we had our first ultrasound four years ago and after the tech asked me if twins ran in the family and I said "no" she told us "You have two babies". I will never forget that moment, or what I saw on the screen when I turned my head. I have never shared the ultrasound picture publicly until now, so here are my two little peanuts - which is exactly what they look like in their first photo together. Eric and I were both in a state of shock that day, but I can't imagine my life any other way now.

Alex and Evan's First Photo Together

Here they are watching TV together this morning

My Goofball

My Lovebug