Monday, March 13, 2017

Florida 2017 - Part 2

February 21, 2017

I waited my whole life for this day, the day we visited Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I never went to Disney when I was a kid so I knew this day would be special when it came. What was even more special, was that it was our first visit as a family and as individuals. Eric had never been either.

It was a bit of a process getting in, there were what seemed like a million people and it was frustrating at times. But you make the best of it. To be honest, the experience as a whole was a bit disappointing. The crowds were huge which made the lines forever long. We did obtain the disability pass which only allowed us to get a return time for one ride at a time. We had to wait to ride that ride before we could get a wait time for another ride. The whole process was very frustrating because in 12 hours we rode less than 10 rides and met 4 characters and for the cost - it's a hard pill to swallow.

If we decide to go again, we will go at a different time of year and hope that the crowds aren't so bad. The experience we did have though, I will cherish forever because I got to share it with the three loves of my life.

They did not want to take pictures
So Excited


My favorite picture of us - on the teacups

My second fave. This is actual, not planned. He was having a rough time!

Waiting for The Winnie The Pooh Ride

The boys loved meeting Pooh and Tigger

Alex really loved Pooh 

Such Cuties
 The Parade was Awesome!!!

7 Dwarfs!

Donald and Daisy

Mickey and Minnie!

With Donald Duck Hats!

Donald Duck is both Alex and Evan's favorite character, so I was determined to have them meet Donald while we were there. It was one the best moments of the day.

Alex LOVED Donald's feathers

Alex's face lit up when he met Donald Duck

Alex enjoying his time with Donald
Love this one!

This moment melted my heart. So glad I was able to capture this.
We love Donald Duck!
Dumbo Ride (Alex and I are in the background)
Enjoying every moment

Heading out after 12 hours

I think they are done - LOL

Monday, March 6, 2017

Florida 2017 - Part 1

Florida - Part 1 - Pools and Beach

February 17-26 we traveled to Lake Buena Vista Florida for a family vacation. We all had such a nice time. We can't wait to go back! The weather was great, we spent a lot of time at the resort swimming in the pools and we drove to Clearwater Beach and spent the whole day there. The kids loved the pools so much that it was hard to get them out at the end of the day! The time went fast but we made a lot of wonderful memories on our first Adventure of 2017! Here are 33 photos from the pools and the beach! Stay tuned to Part 2 - Walt Disney World!

The Pool Was a Hit

Clearwater Beach

Lunch at The Brown Boxer

Lunch at The Brown Boxer

So Pretty
He loves napping at the beach

Watch out Girls!
Looking for Ladies

The Water was Cold, but Evan didn't care!

Sand and Shells

So Serene

He loved every second of his time here

Eric was in Heaven!
Evan and I watched the sunset

Dinner at Clearsky Beachside Cafe