Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summer of Fun - June Adventures!

June was a super busy month! Here is what we did!

My Nephew Laken turned 6 on June 4th. 
We celebrated with the family.

June 7th was Field Day.
It was a gorgeous day filled with friends and fun!

June 8th, Eric's work held a Carnival for all of the employees and their families. It was so much fun - and 100% FREE!

June 11th was a field trip to Camp Tamarack. The whole village was set in the 1800's. I got to be a candle maker. 
It was super fun!

Next up was the last day of school! FINALLY!! We had a lot of snow days this year so we had to make a couple of days up. 
The kids were so ready to be done! (June 18th)

Sunday June 23rd we drove to Port Huron for the afternoon.

We can't forget the Seymour Lake Celebration 
Carnival and Fireworks with Friends on June 29th!

We also had Soccer, Horseback Riding and Fun in the Pool!!

June was only the beginning! 
We have a lot more Summer to have!
Thanks for Checking it out!