Thursday, February 8, 2018

2 Week Post Op Appt

Today was Alex's first of two post op appointments with Dr. Zaltz. Let me first say that the appointment went well, Alex is healing well and this whole journey has been better than I had anticipated. He has been so incredibly strong, which has kept me strong throughout these last two weeks.

The Appointment:

He had an X-Ray of his hip today and it is healing well. He will go back in four weeks for a second X-Ray and if all is good, then he will begin Physical Therapy and be able to return to regular activities such as walking in his gait trainer, bearing weight in his stander, riding his bike at school and horseback riding.

All of his bandages have been removed. There are still steri strips on the two larger hip incisions. They will remain there until they fall off. He was submerged in the tub today for the first time since his surgery and I think he enjoyed it. :)

He is done with his medications. I actually weaned him off of the Valium about a week ago and he has only been getting the pain medication sporadically. I got the Ok to stop that all together as well and just use ibprofen if needed.

His leg braces can come off during the day now and only be worn at night. The wedge is still around the clock for another 12 days until he returns to school. Fingers crossed that he will return to school on February 26th. At that point, the wedge and braces will be worn only at night.

His sleep has been off and the Doctor says that is normal for someone who has this type of surgery. It is going to make it harder for him to adjust with going back to school. I think some of it is that he is understimulated right now. All he does is sit and play with his toys, eat and watch TV right now. There isn't a whole lot he can do. Once is is back at school having to focus on things, learn and stimulate his mind, he will be more tired and hopefully sleep better. Once he starts moving more, he will probably be worn out!

This second week has been full of delicious food and some very special visits. Mrs. Crawford, one of Alex's parapros who has worked with him for the last three years has visited twice this week. Once on Saturday and then again tonight. She misses him a lot and lives two minutes from us, so it's been nice of her to visit. His Teacher Mrs. Polasek came by last Sunday for a couple of hours and brought him his favorite popcorn, some hershey kisses and a squishy baseball. On Monday, his friend Olivia from school along with her Mom and two sisters brought us dinner and both boys gifts when they came to visit. He and Olivia have been in every grade together and are very special friends. Olivia helps Alex alot and enjoys spending time with him, so he was very happy to see her and her family.

Aunt Sharon came by yesterday during the day, Grandma Debbie and Grandma Precilla have both been by a couple of times this week and my friend Pam brought us dinner last night and visited.

Evan is on his second snow day of the week tomorrow, so it will be nice having him home to help entertain Alex. He usually does a pretty good job of that. He has been such a big help throughout this process. He has been understanding of the time Alex is demanding of us and we are doing our best to give him one on one time with each of us as well. He had his first sleepover last weekend with  hsi friends Lauren and Nathan. He really enjoyed himself and is looking forward to doing it again.

The love and support from all of our friends and family has been amazing. I know it has helped me get through the long days at home. I also get multiple texts every day with people checking in.

Thank you isn't enough, but please know how much we appreciate each and everyone of you. I will have another update next week. Until then, keep checking in, keep the prayers coming.

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