Sunday, July 19, 2015

Birthday Number 5

It has been a busy week or so with Alex and Evan's birthday last Thursday and then the big celebration on Saturday with our family and friends. Everything turned out so nice and we even turned the party into a pool party for the kids because it was so hot that day. To no surprise, that was a hit!

Thursday (their actual birthday) we spent the day at the beach with Rachel, Lauren and Nathan.

From there, we met up with Eric at Rainforest Cafe to have dinner and then back home where we gave the boys their presents from us so they didn't have to wait.

Saturday was party day! This year we went with a Minion theme! It was truly fitting with how much they love the movies, and with the new Minion movie coming out last weekend, it was next to perfect. This was the first year I decided to buy a cake for each of them. I think it worked out nice. They each had their own cake and they each had Happy Birthday sang to them individually. Last minute, we decided to have a "water party" for the kids. We already knew they were getting a pool from Grandma and Grandpa, and we had gotten them a sprinkler so we set those up along with the kiddie pool and water table and let the kids have a ball for a couple of hours. After that came presents, cake and exhaustion! Everything turned out really nice and I think everyone had a good time. You be the judge!

Waiting on the guests to arrive!

Pool Time!

Casey and Alex chillin'

Laken eating a bun
Blake at the water table

Evan skimming out!

A big new pool and they all squeeze in the little one!

Having a ball!
Finally in!
Brayden and Laken taking a turn

Present time!

Minion Cakes!

Today, we took the boys to see the new Minion movie - which we all loved, then they were able to come home and have time in their new pool! It was a great end to a wonderful weekend!!

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