Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Circus Fun

On Sunday we took the boys to the Shrine Circus! This year we went with our favorite family - The Raddatz's. As always we had a great time amongst the whining and stress. Can't expect anything less with four kids under 7. Here are some pics from our adventure together. Afterward we went to this Chinese Restaurant that Eric has been wanting to try. He was NOT disappointed.

Evan climbing the bounce house wall

Alex Riding a Pony


The Clowns "Clowning" around


This dude looked like Elvis busting some moves

Our Best attempt at a photo

The Raddatz Family
Eric enjoying his Chinese Food

Our Fortunes from the fortune cookies. Clockwise from top:
Eric, Alex, Evan and Me

Eric's fortune fit him to a T. Evan and I got the same fortune which I can also see ringing true for both of us, but it was Alex's fortune that stood out to me. I couldn't believe out of 9 cookies, this was the fortune he got. 'You will overcome difficult times". This is the one fortune I will believe in.

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