Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week in Review

Since it's been awhile since I have posted, I thought I would give a quick overview of the past week instead of doing one long post. Here's our week in review:

December 24

Christmas Eve was the just the beginning of festivities for the holiday season and was by far the most exhausting for us. My Aunt cooked dinner – which was delicious – but everything else was just crazy. Evan was non-stop and all over the place and into everything. Alex wouldn’t let anyone but Eric and I hold him which was super annoying because there were 15 other people there willing to help. We did manage to restrain them in their high chairs for a short amount of time. I thought they might be into opening presents, but they weren’t – so that was a little disappointing. They got a lot of wonderful things and are very spoiled and loved. Needless to say, by the end of the night all 4 of us were cranky and tired.

December 25

Christmas Day was a little more laid back. I made breakfast and we opened our gifts. We went over to my in-laws for dinner and even though it was still tiring, Grandma held Alex and Evan didn’t get into as much trouble.

December 27

Today we visited the Physiatrist. The appointment was nice and quick after a lovely hour and a half wait in the waiting room. That is not the best of times when you have 2 toddlers. We made the best of it by carrying Alex around, letting Evan walk around and then taking them for fast stroller rides up and down the hall! Hey, you gotta do something to pass the time! Neither Eric or myself were overly impressed with what the Doctor had to say. He gave us some ideas on the exercise ball to use on Alex and suggested Ultrasound Heat Therapy for his hamstrings (which our PT has since shot down) and night splints to stretch out his leg muscles. According to his PT, Ultrasound Heat Therapy hasn’t been clinically proven to be safe and can cause damage to the growth plates in his legs. We decided against it since we can either use heat packs or massage to warm the muscles. He did say that he seems to be sitting better – which he is – and wants to see him again in 3 months.

December 28

Today we celebrated Christmas with Eric’s family. It was nice to have a few days in between. Alex and Evan got to eat their favorite meal – Lasagna! Evan had a ball roaming around Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ed’s house and even played a few notes on the piano at the end of the night! Alex did awesome at sitting up today. He loves his new Crawl Ball that he got for Christmas. Grandma got him laughing pretty good too! It was a really nice day.

December 29

 Today’s therapy was only supposed to be OT, but Kate his PT had an available appointment right after so we took it. Alex wasn’t very pleased, but he still did well. During OT he practiced putting cheerios in his mouth. This is going to be a long process for him as he doesn’t understand how to pick them up and transfer them to his mouth. That connection just isn’t there and I wish more than anything that it was. He will pick things up that are on his tray but he just brings his hand back and drops it. He actually seemed to pinch the cheerios with his right hand better than his left which is surprising. I just have to be patient with the process and sometimes that’s hard for me.

December 31

No big New Year’s plans for us. We went to an early dinner, walked around the mall and called it a night. I have been really sick with sinus stuff so I just laid around after the boys went to bed. I really only stayed up till midnight so I could kiss my husband!  

A lot has happened this year with Alex and Evan. They have grown and changed so much. I am very pleased with Alex’s progress in the 6 months he’s been in therapy. I am looking forward to this coming year and hope that it holds just as much promise and good as 2011 did. Evan is soaring along and becoming such a big boy. I am so proud of both of my boys and can’t wait to see where life will take them this year.

Happy 2012!

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  1. It sounds like you had a whirlwind of activities. Your New Year's Eve sounds about like mine except I did not manage to stay up until midnight much to my husband's chagrin. :) Happy New Year!