Friday, January 20, 2012



Last Sunday we took the boys to the Circus for the first time. To be honest, we were both really dreading it because we knew that it would be exhausting and stressful. We took the stroller in thinking we could find a seat where we could keep them in it. That didn’t work out but surprisingly they did sit on our laps. When the lights went down, they were both mesmerized by the glowing lights around the arena. Just before the intermission, Evan was getting antsy so we let him walk around the concourse a couple of times and ended up leaving after that. Yes, I was still exhausted, but it went better than I thought it would.


Alex’s PT is on vacation until February 1st, so we are seeing the other PT while she is out. I was a bit worried that Alex wouldn’t do well with her because he sometimes gets upset with people he doesn’t know. Luckily that is not the case with Julie. He flirted with her right away which has now earned him the nickname “Ham” from her. He was in the gait trainer on Wednesday and she got his legs started at first and then she would only move the actual trainer and he moved his legs all on his own!! I was so proud of him!!


Evan is now entering the temper tantrum stage of his life. So far, it’s been quite comical. He likes to throw himself on the floor if something doesn’t go his way or if he gets disciplined. We lay a blanket down on the floor for them to play on and he will rub his face into it and sometimes scream into it. I find myself laughing just typing this. I was informed this week from my husband that he used to do the same thing when he was little. Like Father, Like Son.


Yesterday I took the boys to the Doctor for their 18 month check-up. I was a bit anxious because their appointment in November did not go well. They cried and were cranky the whole time which made it very hard on me since I was there alone. This time was a completely different story. They were super cute and very well behaved. Luckily they are caught up on their shots so it was strictly a well visit. Evan is already a whopping 25lb 10oz and Alex is 19lb 11oz. It’s a far cry from the 3.5 pounds there were at birth. Both are healthy and growing well. That’s all a Mother can ask for.

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  1. Aahhh, the temper tantrum stage. We are currently in that at just a little over 2 years old and I am not finding it as funny anymore. :) Wait until it happens in public, or in the driveway with neighbors looking on as it was in my case. hee hee.

    Glad to hear that their well check up was great! Keep growing boys!