Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

So I can’t really complain about the winter we’ve had this year. It’s already mid-January and we haven’t had any snow storms and it’s been unseasonably warm. I know I probably just jinxed it, but it figures that the year we are going to Florida, it’s actually nice. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to go, but it would be more exciting to leave a ton of snow and cold behind. J

To some peoples’ surprise we are driving; I can’t imagine Evan on an airplane! Oh my goodness, I would be exhausted after a 2 ½ hour flight. Plus, people who know us know that we love to drive everywhere. We like seeing other states, being able to stop and we have to pack so much that it just makes more sense. I just hope the kids do well on the drive; it is their first long road trip. I am looking forward to some warm sunshine and seeing the ocean. I can’t wait for Evan to dig his feet in the sand and to dip Alex in the ocean. It’s going to be so much fun!

Before we get to the vacation, we still have a few weeks of daily therapy and appointments with the eye doctor and neurologist to contend with. We have been patching Alex’s eyes since his appointment in November. We alternate eyes with 2 hours each day. I do think it’s helped a little. His right eye still wanders a lot but the left one seems a little more stable. I am sure he will still need surgery next summer sometime. It scares me, but I know it’s very successful so I think he will be fine.

We haven’t seen the neurologist since July, so I am looking forward to that appointment. I am curious to see what he will have to say about Alex’s progress. He has been coming along so well. I hope the interruption of Physical Therapy (PT) won’t set him back at all. His therapist is on vacation until February 1st, and even though she has set us up with the other therapist for the next 3 weeks, it worries me that he won’t get the same treatment he is used to. Plus, he is very comfortable with Kate and is at ease with her when she is with him. We’ll see how it goes.

Occupational Therapy (OT) has been going very well. We have been seeing Jennifer since November and Alex is starting to slowly use his right arm/hand a little more. He has a small splint for his right hand which helps keep his thumb out. He’s been opening his hand a lot more but still tends to keep his thumb tucked in, so the splint keeps it out and we are hoping it will encourage him to grab things with his right hand more. She has been working on putting small foods in his mouth on his own and playing mid-line more with his toys. One of his favorite toys in therapy is the fisher price farm. It’s an older toy and I am so excited that I was able to find it online for $5 for him! I can’t wait for it to come so he can play with it at home too. It should be here tomorrow!

Evan’s new thing is when he comes into the kitchen he goes straight for the pots and pans cabinet. He usually opens and slams the door a few times before reaching in and pulling them out. He loves getting his little paws on anything new. The family room is still not “Evan Proof” so that is something I would still like to conquer. I feel like I can’t keep up with that child! He is such a character though. He is funny and loves to make Alex laugh.

Tonight we went to dinner at Olive Garden, and we got seated in the large half circle booth near the bar. The boys were able to sit next to each other for a change and they LOVED it. They were touching each other’s arms and faces and Evan reached for Alex’s highchair to pull him closer!!

This makes me want a new side by side double stroller even more now. I bought one last summer at a garage sale, but it isn’t too comfortable on our hands so I like using it for walks around the neighborhood and that’s it. I want something a little nicer for everyday use. I need for it to be comfortable for them and me since we use it so much. I think the boys are at the age now where they enjoy being next to each other and this way no one gets stuck in the back seat. Hopefully we’ll be able to find something before the trip.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Friday the 13th!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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