Monday, July 16, 2018

Turning 8 is Great!

Turning 8 must be pretty great because it has been a crazy 5 days 
 of non-stop fun for Alex and Evan. Here's the scoop!

First, we went to the 4-H Fair on Thursday with Rachel, Lauren and Nathan!

Friday we gave them their Birthday Present Early and went to Michigan's Adventure with Rachel, Lauren and Nathan!

Saturday, Eric and his Dad took them to Monster Trucks at the Fair!

Sunday was their Birthday Party with their Friends and Cousins.


Our 8 year Olds

Today (Their Actual Birthday) We had lunch at the Mall, went to Legoland and then Target to spend their gift cards that they got TODAY. It was a fun afternoon and more low key than the past 4 days. I hope they enjoyed all of the fun these past few days and know how much they are loved. Happy 8th Birthday Alex Ryan and Evan Michael!!

Underwater Quest

Evan built a seahorse

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