Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mackinac Trip

On June 24th, we ventured up to Mackinac City to spend two nights. Alex and Evan had never been up there to see the city, the bridge or the island. We stayed in Mackinac City, drove the boys over the bridge and spent one full day on the island where we biked the full 8.2 miles around it.

The weather was perfect. Comfortable, Sunny and 70 degrees. We had a really nice time. The first day we spent at the park by the bridge. Evan enjoyed throwing rocks into the water and scoping out which ones he wanted to bring home.

That evening, we drove them over the Mackinac Bridge and had dinner over in St. Ignace. We stopped at the start park over on that side of the bridge as well. It was a beautiful evening.

On Monday, June 25th we boarded the ferry and went over to Mackinac Island. The ferry ride was chilly...and wet but we managed. We took Evan's bike and Alex's bike trailer over on the ferry and Eric and I rented bikes when we got over there.

We first had lunch at the Huron Street Pub before setting out on our 2+ hour bike ride!

The water in Lake Huron was turquoise and blue in color. It was so pretty! We stopped multiple times - even once to climb the 207 steps to the top to see Arch Rock. Eric did such a great job carrying Alex all the way to the top. Evan continued to throw rocks in the water...lol.

After our bike ride ended, we went to the grassy knoll to eat some delicious ice cream. We walked around in the town before having dinner at the Mustang Lounge. After dinner it was time to hop back on the ferry and head back to Mackinac City. Alex and I were pretty tired, but Evan begged to go to the pool!

Tuesday morning after check out we walked aroun Mackinac City before heading home.

It was a short trip, but it was fun and the boys can't wait to go back!

DAY 1 - By the Bridge


Our Ferry has arrived!

We got a little wet!

Cousin Lynz works on the island, so we stopped by to say Hi!

Lunch at The Huron Pub 

And We're Off!

Eric carrying Alex up to Arch Rock

207 Steps...

What a View!

He was taking a selfie and got photo bombed!!!!!

So proud!

Alex loved riding in his Bike Trailer!

The Water was gorgeous!

Throwing Rocks, Lots of Rocks...

Me and My Favorites

He finally took his shoes off and got right in!

Love this one!! We had so much fun!

Ice Cream was well deserved after that bike ride!

On our way back! Thumbs up to a great day and a great trip!

In Mackinac City, our last morning

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