Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Imagine Dragons Concert

June 21, 2018 we took Alex and Evan to their first ever concert - The Imagine Dragons. The night turned out better than any of us could ever imagine and the concert was amazing. About half way through the show, The band left the stage and walked up our aisle. Evan managed to weasel his way to the steps and hi-fived the guitarist, the drummer and then bumped fists with Dan Reynolds the lead singer. I was in utter shock as I watched it happen. I know Evan was as well because when he turned around to come back to his seat, he put his hand on his chest! The moment still gives me chills to think about it and watch the video Eric took.

From the opening song (Radioactive) to the closing song (Believer) the concert and night was amazing! I told Evan, what happened to him RARELY happens to people - especially at their first concert. I don't think he really understood how incredibly amazing that moment was, but he will one day. Here are some photos of our amazing night!

Tailgating with Slurpees!

Before the show

Waiting for the show to start!

The music started!

There were SO MANY people there!

During On top of the World


One of the best shows I have been too!

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