Tuesday, July 11, 2017

School's OUT!

Summer is a busy time of year, and I am already a month behind on posting. This post is from the last week of school. We went to Seven Ponds Nature Center for a field trip on June 13th and
Thursday June 15th was Alex and Evan's last day of school.

They celebrated all of the summer birthdays in their class (which was half the class) with a sundae bar and games outside. Since it was a half day, the morning went fast, but I managed to capture some of their favorite moments.

At one point Alex got hit directly in the face with a Nerf soccer ball. If anything, it scared him, but for the first time I witnessed Evan get really upset that someone hurt his brother. This was not at all intentional, but seeing Evan defend Alex made me really happy and really proud. I guess this happened a couple of weeks ago when Evan "thought" some kids were laughing at Alex - but they weren't. Evan defended him then as well.

I am very proud of both boys and how much they have accomplished this year. They grew both academically and socially, made new friends and a lot of memories. I cannot believe I have 2 second graders!!!!

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