Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kentucky June 19-22

June 19-22, One of my best friends (Rachel) and I packed up the van and took the kids on a roadtrip to Kentucky! We stayed in Louisville where we visited the Science Museum, walked the Riverwalk and had dinner downtown. We also visited the Louisville Zoo on our way out but the main reason for going was to visit Mammoth Cave National Park to take a cave tour.

Rachel informed me a couple of months back that they offer accessible cave tours! I was all in. We booked it and started planning. After a long drive down, we grabbed dinner, some groceries and let the kids swim at the hotel.

The next day was our cave tour at 9:45am. It was pretty cool. The elevator took us down 267 feet and opened right into the cave. It was dimly lit, but at one point during the tour the guide lit a single flame in a lantern....which made it pretty dark, but then she blew it out and we were standing in complete darkness! Luckily none of the kids were scared of the dark! It was a really cool experience and I wouldn't mind trying another one someday.

After the tour, we had a picnic lunch and then explored the visitor center before heading back to the hotel...to you guessed it....swim!

The second day was HOT so we got an early start and walked along the Ohio River down at the Riverwalk. We didn't make it too far before heading into the cool AC and into the Science Museum. The kids had a lot of fun exploring! Evan and Nathan really liked the water area, Lauren liked the supermarket section and Alex loved the Smart Car. (I couldn't get him out of it!) We took a break and had lunch down by the river then came back in and watched a 3D movie on Extreme Weather and then headed out to find a restaurant for dinner.

We found a Mexican restaurant for food which was right next door to The Evan Williams Burboun Experience...which of course I took advantage of a photo op. We also found the Louisville Slugger Store and Factory where I got the boys little bats. Lots of photo ops there as well.

Our final day we headed to the Louisville Zoo. We zipped through it in 2 hours before hitting the road to head home.

I cannot begin to tell you what Rachel means to me -even more so after this trip. She is one of the strongest most selfless person I know. We had a few problems with Alex in the car with his outbursts on the way down as well as to and from places. She was there every step of the way to help me and not too many people can do that the way she did.

I am so happy that we did this trip and made these memories. I cannot wait to plan our next adventure together!

Such a great trip!!!

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