Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Adventure #3 - Chicago - Day 3

July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day! Today was eventful to say the least! We started at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Another beautiful summer day. We got to see so many animals - including a new Zebra Foal. She was SO cute. The Gorilla's were enjoyable as were the Lions - who got into a "Cat" fight. (Sorry...I had to) They really did. The male lion woke the 2 females and then wanted to snuggle. The females weren't having it and one went after the male. He continued to take his frustrations out during the afternoon by roaring and banging on a drum down below in the enclosure. This is such a nice Zoo and the best part is that it is completely free! We lucked out again this time by finding free parking along the street - SCORE!

While it wasn't the plan, we ended up spending the whole day in Lincoln Park. We found the best little spot for lunch called The Dog Joint. Eric had been craving a Chicago Hot Dog - and he got one! Great place - Good Food!

The boys wanted to stop at a nearby park, so we did for a few minutes and that is all they got. The infant swings that Alex usually uses were all taken so Eric decided to swing with him on the big swings. He was adjusting Alex when his foot slipped and they fell backwards! Alex got the worst of it. Covered in black dirt, scrapes all over his face, with dirt in his eyes, nose and mouth. He is quite a trooper - we cleaned him up, flushed his eyes and mouth and got him all set. Luckily we had a few M and M's on hand. We spent a little time in Lincoln Park itself before calling it a night. We didn't want to be out too late with The Shriner's Appointment being the next morning.

Happy 4TH!
We must have taken 20 Pictures and Alex would not look or smile....until we make goofy faces.

Snow Monkey

Just before the "Cat Fight" Broke Out

He was NOT happy

The Gorillas were entertaining


Pigmy Hippo

As we were inside viewing the Giraffes, Eric told me to look down and this is what I saw. LOL
Looking for Seals

Happy to be at the Zoo

What a Ham

Evan using the Selfie Stick to take a selfie of him and Alex

Ha! The Baby Foal...She was only 3 weeks old. So cute!

Monkeys....4 of them...

A great lunch at The Dog Joint!
Eric finally got his Chicago Hot Dog

My Favorite Photo from the trip
We made sure to get a kid free shot!

Another Favorite

 Alex - after Eric cleaned him all up from the fall at the park. 
It was the most banged up he has ever looked.

Lincoln Park

This would have been beautiful on a clear day

Love Them!

Another Great Trip to Chicago for us!

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