Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Fun

Even though summer isn’t “officially” here just yet, it feels like it with our busy schedule. Things are starting to get crazy around here. This past weekend we went up north to Alpena, Michigan to visit family and attend an open house. My husband’s extended family lives up there and we don’t get to see them all that often. In fact, they met Alex and Evan for the first time on Saturday. Luckily because of this blog and facebook they already felt like they knew them. It’s nice to be able to stay connected through social networking and the internet. I know it’s not the most “ideal” way, but it works for our busy lives. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to post because I left the camera in the car the whole time!

Last weekend was pretty hot so I am going this week to buy a small wading pool for the boys. Tonight Evan thought it would be fun to get wet in the sprinklers so I know he’ll really enjoy the pool. Alex loved the pool in Florida, but isn’t a fan of being splashed so I am not sure how he’ll do.

Next Friday I am getting on a plane (by myself) for the first time in 17 years and flying to Dallas to see my Best Friend Stephanie for a few days. I am nervous about flying and a bit anxious about leaving the kids. I went last summer for a day and a half up north with some girlfriends but that was nothing compared to getting on a plane and flying 1200 miles away for 4 days! I just hope I can enjoy my time away and not get too homesick. I am really looking forward to getting away. I need this break and I feel very fortunate to have a husband that is willing to not only let me go, but also to take care of the kids while I am gone. I just hope he won’t want to run away when I get back….

When I get home, it will almost be July which means fireworks, the boys birthday and probably a garage sale. August is the Twin Festival, a Family Reunion and hopefully a day trip to a beach.

It’s funny how long we wait for summer to come here and then it’s gone in a blink of an eye. We have a lot of fun things planned so I am looking forward to all of it and spending time with my family…because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.


  1. It sounds like your summer is going to be great!

    Enjoy your time in Dallas. Girlfriend time is good for the soul.

    Have fun!!

  2. Enjoy your much needed break!! You will have a great time I am sure :-)

  3. Thanks Ladies!! Can't wait!!