Thursday, June 21, 2012



Alex has been really starting to use "da" a lot so I have been trying to get him to say "dada". Poor Eric is trying to get him to say "mama" but he just stares at him. Tonight, I brought Alex down from his bath just as Eric was getting home and before I put him in his high chair for dinner, we stopped so Eric could day hi to him and out of nowhere he says "dada". Eric and I were a bit taken aback by it, but it was just such an awesome moment I had to share.


My little man Alex also knows how to take his diaper off as well. Tonight after their bath, I put both of them in their cribs with just their diapers so I could clean up the bathroom. I was away maybe 10 minutes and when I came back in their room, there's Alex with the diaper around his left leg (he was laying down of course) fully exposed and proud as can be of himself. Little stinker!


I see more and more of myself in Evan everyday. He does seem to favor me looks wise, but I think he has a lot of my personality too. The other night we went in to check on them and cover them up and just as we covered Evan, he rolled over to get into a different position and moaned and groaned. I ran out of the room laughing because I know I do that. Eric confirmed it for me! HA HA HA! He also likes things to be balanced, he gets frustrated easily and throws a fit when something doesn't go his way. Me, me and me!


Evan is clearly a Mama's boy. He loves to cuddle and especially loves me to tuck him in which I think I have mentioned before. Tonight, I had some errands to run after dinner and they were already in bed when I got home. I could still hear Evan upstairs talking so I went in to see him. He immediatly stood up and wanted to get out of his crib. I took him into my room and he laid on my chest like he used to when he was a baby and he was asleep within 15 minutes. These moments with him make the frustrations of his screaming and whining throughout the day all go away.


I am leaving on my trip to Dallas tomorrow. I am really excited. I have had an exhausting week with the kids and I am ready for the break. It's been really hot here this week and I think we have all been a bit irritable. I am ready for some time away with my BFF Steph to relax, unwind, maybe have a few cocktails and get some sun. It will be the longest I have ever been away from the boys, so I hope I can handle it - along with the 100 degree temps! I am going to miss them like crazy and probably cry when I get on the plane, but this is something I need. I am just grateful to have the opportunity.

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  1. Great stuff! I love that Alex said Dada! Way to go little man! Have a good time in Dallas - you deserve it.