Wednesday, February 6, 2019

January Adventures

January was a long month and quite uneventful. The boys had almost 2 weeks off between scheduled days off in the district as well as a bunch of snow days. First we got freezing rain, then a snowstorm and then the Polar Vortex came down from Canada and brought us into a deep freeze with -40 wind chills. It was crazy!!!

We went to the Shrine Circus on January 20th.

Evan started Basketball 
which is super fun to watch and he seems to love it!

We went to Legoland on one of our many snow days - and no one was there! It was so nice!

Here are some other random photos from the month.

Brody Liked the Snow!

Evan helping Alex reach his goals at therapy
These two had a laughing fit at lunch one day
Hoping February is more eventful and has better weather!

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