Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pre-Op Appt

Well, we are 8 days away from Alex's surgery.

Last week we had his pre op appointment with Dr. Zaltz where he went over exactly what he would be doing, how long the surgery should take and he took another X-Ray. He wanted to be sure that Alex's right hip still looked good and that it wouldn't have to be operated on.
Good News!! No surgery needed on his right hip! So, his left hip will be done as well as the Adductor lengthening and he said he would assess his Hamstrings to see if they need to be lengthened or not.

We won't have a surgery time until Thursday (the day before) and he should only be in the hospital for two nights. It's unfortunate that Evan will not be able to come to the hospital with us the morning of or to visit because of the hospital's recent ban due to the flu virus. Our local hospitals are not allowing children under 13 to visit unless it is a life or death situation. We promised him we would face time him once Alex is in recovery and awake.

Eric's sister is coming up from Georgia to stay with Evan for the weekend since we will be in and out. I am super excited for Evan because he has been talking about her quite a bit lately and has no idea that she is coming. It will be so good for him to have the one on one time with her.

Now we just wait....and we try to remain strong.

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