Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Year in Review

This post is to just highlight our year as a family in 2017. We traveled a lot and made a lot of wonderful memories. The boys finished first grade, turned 7 and then started second grade in September. We traveled to Florida, Chicago, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. We did a lot of fun things with our friends and family and are so blessed to have such good people surrounding us. Here are the Highlights:


Shrine Circus, Alex and Evan got the VIP treatment from the Clowns and Shriners of the Circus! We got to go behind the scenes and hang out after the show!


Florida, We spent a week in Florida, visited Walt Disney World for the first time and took a day trip over to Clearwater Beach. It was a trip full of wonderful memories!!


I celebrated 38 years and we all showed our support for CP Awareness by wearing Green!

Eric insists on putting all 38 Candle on

Someone wanted Cake
LOVE this Pic.


We celebrated Easter with both of our families with an Easter Egg Hunt, Baskets and Dinner!

Easter Bunny Came

My Parents with their grandsons

Eric's Mom and Dad with the boys


We made it to the Zoo for the first time in May. 


The Boys and I along with Rachel, Lauren and Nathan went to Louisville, KY for a few days to visit Mammoth Cave National Park. They have an accessible cave that we were able to go down into via elevator. It was such a cool experience. We stayed in Louisville and visited Downtown, The Science Museum, The Riverfront and the Louisville Zoo. Such a fun (and HOT trip).


Super Busy, but super fun month! We saw 3 firework shows, did the Disability Day at the 4H Fair with Blake and Casey, Alex and Evan turned 7 with a Scooby Doo themed party, a new above ground pool from us and a trip to see Monster Trucks. A few days later we went to Chicago for a long weekend!


Eric Received his Bachelor's Degree from Baker College in August - SO PROUD OF HIM!

Then we headed down to Georgia for a week at the end of August. We visited our family, took a day trip to North Carolina and stopped in Gatlinburg, TN on the way home. We were also lucky enough to witness the full solar eclipse as well! Loved every moment of the trip!


Tigers Game, First Day of School, Septemberfest and Wojos Fall Family Fun Days!

Comerica Park
First Day of Second Grade

Septemberfest - Evan holding onto Alex on the merry go round


This was about as high as he got before he got too hot

Wojos Fall Family Fun Days

We love Fall!


Painting and Carving Pumpkins and Trick or Treating with Sapphire and Kingston on Halloween!

Swat Team and Fire Department!

It was unusually warm in October! We never get to wear shorts while picking pumpkins


We celebrated Eric turning 37 and made it up to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland to pick our Christmas ornaments!

Happy Birthday Eric!

Our Annual Trip to the Santa House in Midland and a few Christmas Memories!

A White Christmas!

As always, Thank you for following along on our Journey. 
I hope to Blog more in 2018 than I did in 2017.

Eric, Keri, Alex and Evan

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