Sunday, June 12, 2016

Meadow's 6th Birthday

Yesterday Alex and Evan attended their friend Meadow's Birthday Party. They went on a treasure hunt and found the treasure chest of goodies, played with water balloons and shooters, ate yummy food and had cupcakes. The kids all had so much fun! Meadow has been a good friend of both Alex and Evan since they met back in September in Kindergarten. She adores Alex and looks for any chance to help him or play with him at school. There were many girls from the class at the party - but Alex and Evan were the only boys from the class there. The little group that was there, are all pretty good friends so we had a great time! We are so happy that she invited us and included us in her special day!

Getting their first treasure hunt clue

Playing a game to get their next clue

They found the treasure chest!

Alex and Meadow

Water Fun!

More Water Fun!

Lexi shooting water at Alex!

Lexi and Alex

Blowing out her candles

Such a cute pic. Meadow is looking at the frosting on her swim suit!

Opening her gifts

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