Saturday, April 23, 2016

Alex - Star of the Week - 4/18-4/22

This week Alex was the Star of the Week in his class. On Monday he shared his poster board of photos with the class. Included in his pictures are him on his bike, getting ready to ride a rollercoaster, time at the beach and pool, friends and family and times at different museums. Alex enjoys all of these things and more! In addition to the fun facts I provided to Mrs. Barry to share with the class, his friends wanted to know what his favorite color was and what kind of toys he played with at home. He also got to sit in Mrs. Barry's comfy chair during these times!

Alex at school with his poster in the comfy chair!

Tuesday was his first show and tell day. He took in his favorite stuffed animal - Frankie the Penguin. Alex LOVES Frankie. He snuggles and cuddles with him every night. He got Frankie from The Shedd Aquarium back in November and they have been inseperable ever since. The class really liked Frankie!

Frankie and Alex

Wednesday was lunch with Mrs. Barry and two friends. Alex chose his friends Sapphire and Meadow because they are both such good friends to Alex, but that wasn't enough....he also invited Evan as well. Mrs. Barry said they all had a fun time together. Alex had a second show and tell and for this he brought in a frame with 2 pictures of him and Stormy (his horse at horseback riding) and the trophy that he and Stormy won last summer at the horse show. The kids were really excited to see the picture of Alex riding Stormy!

Meadow, Evan, Alex and Sapphire
Alex's show and tell

It makes me smile to see Alex with his friends

Thursday was show and tell #3. For this, he brought in one of his favorite toys. His VTECH drum set. Alex can turn it on, change the settings and drum away on his drum set. It plays a lot of different music which he loves!

Finally Friday was his favorite book. Alex took in an ABC book that he enjoys for Mrs. Barry to read to the class.
Alex's Chosen Book
Mrs. Barry and Alex getting ready to share his book with his friends.
His board on the wall!

This experience has been so much fun and I am so happy that Alex was able to share so many different things with his friends. He is a star to us every day, but to be a star at school is a lot more fun!

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