Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sea Life Aquarium

Today, Alex and Evan celebrated their friend Meadow's Birthday at Sea Life Aquarium. They got to play some games, have cupcakes and watch her open her presents. They were the only boys from the class that showed up (just like last year) and neither of them seemed to mind. Meadow was SO excited to see them when they walked it - it was too cute - I wish I had recorded it! We all had a really nice time and are thankful that the three of them are such good friends.

The Crew

Funny Faces

Alex and Meadow

Meadow and Evan

Alex and Abigail

Evan trying to pin the tail on Magnus

Playing a Game

Opening Presents

Alex liked this room

Do you see him?

Evan and Meadow

Lion Fish

Evan and Abigail


Touching a Sea Urchin

Enjoying the Hands on Station

Too bad Evan's eyes are closed...

Alex yawning!

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Love this one!
He enjoys seeing himself in a mirror

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