Thursday, September 10, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten

Tuesday was Alex and Evan's first day of Kindergarten! I cried the night before, but not as much as I thought the morning of. There was a lot going on. Eric took the day off and we drove the boys to school and walked them to class. Evan settled in right away and then Eric and I had a lot to go over with the teachers about Alex. It became a bit overwhelming and I didn't feel like the morning happened as I pictured it. I am glad Eric was there for Evan because I was really wrapped up with Alex. In the end, they were both tired and had a really good first day!

I can't believe the day is here
My big boy

Waiting for the doors to open
Waiting for the doors to open
How did we get here so fast

So grown up

Proud Daddy

Proud Mommy

Tuesday was their first day riding the bus and that was a total success! Alex LOVES the bus and was so excited to see it pull up. He has the same driver as last year and she is so awesome! It really makes it special for him.

Evan was riding the big bus and although I was nervous that he wouldn't want to, he was really excited. He was even more excited that he beat Alex home! Lol!

The other kids in the class are asking questions about Alex (to be expected) so this morning, their teacher Mrs. Barry is going to answer their questions and explain some things to them about Alex. She mentioned some of them are wanting to help him. (this melts my heart) I hope it all goes well. Alex is very lucky to have his friend (girlfriend) Sapphire in his class from last year. This little girl is incredible. She truly loves him and it shows. She helps him, plays with him and I asked Evan if she eats lunch with him and he told me she does. Her interest alone I am sure has sparked the interest of other kids in the class. She is amazing.

Alex and Sapphire at the Zoo in May

Evan has been unusually quiet about school so I asked Mrs. Barry if he is doing ok and this was her response:

He is such a sweetie and has been an amazing listener and hard worker. He is already a student that I am using as a role model for good choices, on task behavior and following the rules/procedures. So far I have noticed that he picks something different each day to play with (castle one day and cars another day) and has played with different kids too. 

How can I not be proud of both of my boys? They are incredible, sweet little boys. Yep, I am gloating! I am just glad that we were able to share in their special day and I hope this journey they are about to embark on is everything they imagined and more!

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