Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Deal Kind of Day

Today is a big day in the Williams household. First and foremost it is World Cerebral Palsy Day which means a lot to us for so many reasons. In my four years of learning about CP and advocating for Alex, I have seen how little research is actually done with this disability. There are over 17 million people in the world living with CP and it just blows my mind that there is so little to go on.  It just seems like no one has any answers and everything is all a guessing game or a wait and see kind of game. Hopefully dedicating a day to this will bring more awareness and future research.

I am not sure about other areas of the country – and I could be wrong in saying this, but there is nothing here in Michigan that I have found that directly raises money for Cerebral Palsy. There are a list of other disabilities that have walks and runs and fundraisers that are held, but I have found nothing in four years that would include us as a family to raise money for CP Research. With so many individuals in the world affected by this, why wouldn’t there be more out there? The only thing that has brought awareness to the area was the boy who carried his brother (who has CP) 40 miles. I think this is a great story - as are all CP related stories, but there needs to be more.
Secondly, I went back to work today after being a stay at home mom for four years. I am working as a Part Time Office Assistant for a local newspaper publication. I am really hoping that it works out because the hours are great, the location is great and so far the people are really nice. I was a bit nervous going in today but all went well. There is always room for advancement I am told, but I am perfectly happy with what I have been given. It seems like the perfect job to inch my way back into the workforce.

So, cheers to my beautiful son who is living with Cerebral Palsy, cheers to me and my new job and cheers to October; the best month of the whole year!!

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