Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Happy 4th Birthday Alex and Evan!!!!
You have changed our life in ways we never thought possible. Watching you grow, change, explore and become who you are is so amazing.  It has been such a blessing to have not only two sons, but twin sons. Time is going fast so we are trying to enjoy every moment we have with you before the time is gone. We have so many wonderful memories already in these four years. Thank you for making us a family and for making our life complete. We love you very much!

Today was a fun filled birthday. I took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese and we met up with their friends Blake and Casey. Tonight we took them to dinner at Rainforest Café and they had a ball. I can't believe they are 4!

On Friday July 18, 2014 Alex and Evan's Grandparents came over to celebrate with them. We got a cake and they opened some presents. Here are the photos from that.



  1. Happy Birthday to the boys! It looks like you guys are having a great summer! Tell Alex and Evan that Ms. Ruffini says hi!

  2. Thanks Ms Ruffini!! I told them and Alex's face lit up. :) He hasn't forgotten you yet! :)