Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Myrtle Beach

We just returned from an amazing trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This was our fifth time going but first time with the kids and if they have anything to say about it - it won't be our last! Our family from Georgia met us there and we had so much fun together. It couldn't have been a better time for all of us.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous! We had beautiful sunshine everyday we were there. We spent plenty of time at the beach and pool. Evan enjoyed collecting shells with his Aunt Tappy while Alex had a blast feeling the waves crash against his legs!

On top of the beach and the pools, there was a waterpark within our resort that we went to and a lazy river the boys liked as well. We went to a huge waterpark outside of our resort one of the days which was a blast for everyone. I really enjoyed going down the slides with my Niece Brook - and even more fun with Eric who did NOT enjoy the speed!

On our last full day there we took a dolphin cruise out into the ocean. We were very fortunate to see plenty of dolphins swimming away that morning. It was so beautiful.

We made plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. This is just one of many vacations to come with the McKay family. We love each other too much to make this a one time thing! It was the perfect way to end our summer!

Please enjoy the pictures of our adventure!
Dinner at the House of Blues
Me and Brook under the waterfall!


Evan enjoying the pool

Eric and his Nieces boogie boarding

Evan building a sand castle
Alex trying out the boogie board

Alex enjoying the waves

First day and Evan is wiped out

Alex and Aunt Tappy

Matt, Tappy and Samantha

Alex taking a break at the water park
Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Matt and John skim boarding

Evan and John building a sand castle

John, Tappy, Samantha and I after riding the "Sling Shot"

These 2 chickens wouldn't ride the sling shot
John and Matthew

Alex loving the beach
Evan loving the beach

The boys with cousin Brook

Evie, Annamarie and Brook
Evan with the girls!

Tappy and Matt
Evan with the girls again!
Alex, Eric, Myself, Samantha and Evan

Samantha and Matthew
Eric and the boys
Me and the boys

View from our room

Sunrise in Myrtle Beach

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